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CSEC Social Studies

Social Studies contributes to the effective development of the learner by increasing personal and social awareness, and by placing emphasis on values as well as on social and interpersonal relationships. This syllabus seeks to ensure that students develop the necessary skills and at the same time introduces them to knowledge of social phenomena that may enhance their effectiveness as social participants in the Caribbean community. It is also intended that, through the syllabus, the process of valuing would be made conscious so that persons become aware of their position, thus enabling them to bring conscious criteria to bear on their choices as social participants.

Registration is now open for our online CSEC classes for the academic year 2022/ 2023. Candidates are able to register for online classes for the January and the May/ June 2023 exams.

Enrolled students get access to:

  • 2-3 hours of class time weekly for each subject
  • Weekly assignments
  • Monthly mock exams
  • Monthly progress reports for parents
  • Virtual textbooks
  • Additional virtual class materials

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1Individual, Family and Society
2Sustainable Development and Use of Resources - (i) Development and Use of Resources - (ii) Regional Integration
3C1 – Communication, C2 – Consumer Affairs, C3 – Tourism

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