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CSEC Information Technology

The syllabus aims to expose candidates to a wide range of Information and Communication Technologies, affording learning experiences which include an element of discovery, and foster self-confidence. Candidates would also acquire computer-related practical skills that will prepare them to meet the region’s need for increased productivity and efficiency in a fast changing technological world. The syllabus has been organized to offer certification at the General Proficiency only.

Registration is now open for our online CSEC classes for the academic year 2022/ 2023. Candidates are able to register for online classes for the January and the May/ June 2023 exams.

Enrolled students get access to:

  • 2-3 hours of class time weekly for each subject
  • Weekly assignments
  • Monthly mock exams
  • Monthly progress reports for parents
  • Virtual textbooks
  • Additional virtual class materials

individual student


1Fundamentals of Hardware and Software
2Problem-Solving and Program Design
3Program Implementation
4Applications and Implications of Information and Communications Technology
5Information Processing
6Word processing, Presentation and Web Page Design
8Database Management

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