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CSEC Caribbean History

There is no attempt in this syllabus to promote one organising principle or interpretation of Caribbean History. While a thematic arrangement has been imposed on the course of Caribbean History, the content within each theme has been stated in such a way as to permit exploration of a variety of organising principles. Nevertheless, the selection of themes and their content has been informed by a desire to promote a distinctly Caribbean perspective. This perspective acknowledges the need for a respect of human life and a cultural heritage that values harmony and cherishes diversity as a strength.

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1The Indigenous Peoples and the Europeans
2Caribbean Economy and Slavery
3Resistance and Revolt
4Metropolitan Movements towards Emancipation
5Adjustments to Emancipation, 1838 – 1876
6Caribbean Economy, 1875 – 1985
7The United States in the Caribbean, 1776 – 1985
8Caribbean Political Development up to 1985
9Caribbean Society 1900 – 1985

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