Take A Multiple Choice Quiz

Mobile App

Learn how to take a multiple choice quiz in the CSG Learning app.

Step 1 - Go to your dashboard
Here, you will see all the courses you are enrolled in.

Step 2 - Go to the course
Click on the course where the quiz is due.

Step 3 - Select the quiz
Scroll down to the quiz section of the course and select the one that's due. Here, you will also see more information about the quiz as well when it's due, how many attempts you have and more.

Step 4 - Attempt the quiz
Complete all the questions in the quiz. Be sure to give every question a try.

Step 5 - Submit your attempt
Once you've attempted all the question, select the 'Submit All and Finish' option for your responses to be sent.

Depending on how your teacher decides to configure the quiz, you may or may not see your results immediately.

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