How to Message Or Email Your Teacher

Mobile App

Learn how to message or email your teacher in the app.

Step 1 - Go to your dashboard
Here, you will see all the courses you are enrolled in.

Step 2 - Select the course the instructor teachers

Step 3 - Select the participants tab
This option is on the top, righ-hand corner of the screen. Here, you will find a list of your classmates as well as assigned teachers. Your teacher is normally the first participant listed.

Step 4 - Click on your teacher's name
This will take you to their profile, where you'll have the option to send them either an in-app message or an email, as well as perform other actions.

Step 5 - Select the message option
The message option will allow you to send your teacher an in-app message. Type your message and then hit send.

Add you teacher as a contact

Adding you teacher and classmates as a contact allows you to find them easier in your contacts tab. To do this, from step 4, select the 'Add Contact' option at the bottom of the screen.

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