Correct First and Last Name

Account & Settings

Learn how to modify or update your name on the CSG Learning Institute Student Portal.

Step 1 - Log in the online portal
You can only modify your account on the online portal, not in the app. Log in the online portal here.

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Step 2 - Go to the profile section
On the upper-right hand corner of your device, click the user icon dropdown and select the 'Profile option'.

Step 3 - Click 'Edit Profile'
Under the 'User Details' section, click the 'Edit Profile' option which will allow you to modify your account details.

Step 4 - Make the changes
You should be able to modify your first and last name here, as well as other parts of your profile.

Step 5 - Save your changes
Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the 'Update Profile' button.

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